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Currently, Iím a freelance Technical Writer whose experience as a Software Trainer, Digital Artist and Photographer enhances the documents and content I create. Not only do I write manuals and short tutorials, I design the document templates. As an artist and photographer, Iím able to provide images that illustrate functionality and product use.

In some cases, I work closely with software developers to document proprietary applications. Whether itís hardware, proprietary apps or out-of-the box software, my documents clearly teach users what to do. Currently, my main client is the Museum of Modern Art, New York City (MoMA). I also function as an editor, perfecting SLAs and other peopleís technical documents.

As a multi-tasker, I also have the position as a freelance Intranet Content Producer, creating original copy and images for MoMA. As an institution of 700 employees, it is critical that the staff site is kept current, functioning as a communications tool and knowledge repository.

Utilizing out-of-the box and proprietary software and hardware, I taught employees one-on-one and in groups. Each situation had people with varied levels of computer skills.

My job history also includes work as an Interactive Production Manager, Associate Producer and QA Supervisor.

I believe that for information to be useful, it must be accessible. Information is content. Remember, content takes different forms, including website information, files on a server and data that is taught. Good design should enable information to flow.

Resourceful and flexible, I have a reputation for creating productive and cooperative team environments. Interfacing with various corporate departments and developers, I facilitate the flow of information to complete jobs on time and on budget. Increasing my skill sets, I have kept pace with changing technological needs, from traditional print to interactive media.

Clients: The Museum of Modern Art; ntl UK; Beth Abraham Family of Health Services; Wolf Group Ad Agency; HDCG Animation; Acclaim Entertainment; Volkswagen-Audi America; Ford Motor Company, Shima-Seiki, USA, Inc.; AO Reichert/Warner-Lambert